Biography of Pele

Pele was and is regarded as still the greatest Football player ever. He managed to Score over 1200 goals in a legendary career, that led to him winning both the World Cup and World Cup Championships. The biography of Pele is one of the most overwhelming one. And every modern world cup player want to out to his reputation.

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Currently, when the world of Football start debating about the greatest player of all time, the likes of Pele, Maradona, Christiano Ronaldo and Messi falls in the list. But still Pele’s skills outstands them all. None of them can match the glittering biography of Pele. Pele played 1360 game and managed to score 1281 goals. Statistically, this an outstanding average of one goal per game.

History of Pele

His real name was Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele was his childhood nickname that originated way back in school. In the 1958 when Brazil won the World Cup, Pele made history for being the youngest player ever to receive a world cup winner’s medal at an age of only 17. On top of that, Pele managed to Football 2 goals at that world cup final, an achievement that no player in the world cup’s history would ever match.

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Pele came from a poor but rich football playing background, his father was a professional Football player. His father once managed to Football 5 headed goal during one Football game. Pele began playing for Brazil’s Santos FC and was a part of the 1962 and 1963 Continental Championship – presently known as World Cup Championship winning team.

He also became part of the 1962 World Cup winning team, however, injuries hindered his appearances. This was also seen during the 1966 England World Cup as he was off the team due to a change in tactics, this year Brazil failed to retain their trophy.

Brazil 1970 World Cup Winners

The 1970 World Cup hosted by Mexico became one of the most historic ones for Pele, Brazil and Pele’s fans. Pele managed to inspire Brazil to a world cup victory. During this world cup, Brazil was the team to watch, it was like a samba festival of football. Even though the world cup was many years ago, there will still be video clips of Pele goal as he sold the keeper the famous “dummy” and the brilliant header he scored against Italy during the finals.

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He later on termed this goal as a “special goal” as it was also Brazil’s 100th world cup goal. Pele retired from international football. However, he later on made a comeback and signed a record deal with the MLS’ New York Cosmos. By so doing be became part of the team that won the 1977 Championship and became a key factor to the 80% increase in the number of MLS fan base.

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Anyone who has watched and read the biography of Pele will by no doubt realize that Pele was and is still genius in the Football filed. He was a both footed and could dribble, control the ball and even score by his both his feet and head. Even though he was small in size as compared to his opponents, he was quick, strong and a complete player.


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