It’s no secret that the amount spent in football is at an all-time high. Even bookmakers such as Paddy Power betting are also enjoying the increase in spending. In the summer, Neymar’s transfer to PSG made him the world’s most expensive football at £200 million. The majority of the money is being spent on improving the club facilities or by signing players.

Although clubs make revenue from incoming transfer fees, ticket sales and other places, a lot of money comes through sponsorships. Clubs such as Chelsea have such a huge brand that businesses are willing to sponsor the club to be associated with them. The biggest type of sponsorships tend to be on the front of the kit. These tend to be multi-million pound contracts and a significant part of a clubs revenue. Despite the huge cost, the deal works for both club and sponsor – the business gets advertised every time the team is playing. Meanwhile the club receives the money which the clubs are able to use.