​Penalty shoot-outs are a nervy thing. Nobody wants to miss their effort, but Chivas youngster Diego Campillo doesn’t need to worry about that after seeing his penalty nestle in the back of the net in spectacular fashion.

The match between Chivas Under-17’s and Lobos BUAP went to penalties, and Campillo stepped up to take his side’s first penalty, and you can bet he’ll never forget this one.

In the video from Chivas TV (via ​ESPN), Campillo sends the ball crashing against the crossbar, and time appears to stand still as the ball flies out of shot into the air.

Both Campillo and the goalkeeper can only stand and watch as the ball somehow manages to drop down from space and spin back from the goal line into the back of the net.

Nobody seems to know what on earth just happened, before the goalkeeper throws the ball away in disgust. He’s probably never conceded anything like it, and he surely never will again.

The ball even deceived whoever was in charge of the scoreboard. The effort was given the red light after the ball hit the bar, but subtly changed to green after everyone had come to terms with what just happened.

Not sure Campillo will be able to pass this one off as skill, but we’re sure he won’t mind.