Edwin van der Sar has hinted towards becoming Manchester United’s director of football in the upcoming future.

The former goalkeeper, who played for Man United from 2005 to 2011, has impressed many with the job he has done as Ajax’s chief executive officer.

Indeed, with United’s infrastructure rotting under Ed Woodward and Ajax moving inexorably in the right direction under Van der Sar, many have called for the 48-year-old to come back to Old Trafford.

Speaking in an interview earlier this week, Van der Sar suggested that returning to United remained a goal of his.

“But I need to learn a little more here [at Ajax], develop myself further and of course eventually let’s see what the future brings,” he said.

“United is a fantastic club, there’s a great following all over the world. Everybody wants to play for them and eventually, work for them.”

We may have to wait for a while, but Van der Sar – a man educated in the crucial triad of football, business and United DNA – absolutely feels like the right man, whichever way you look at it.

The former keeper will probably remain at Ajax for a few more years, and the same goes for Woodward at Old Trafford, but eventually, one day, the stars will align.

Leo Nieboer