Football like most modern sports is requiring an exceptionally high level of skills if you want to succeed with the best of them. Mostly these skills are taught at a young age when a person first starts out with their sporting career and it is important that the basic skills are honed and perfected.

The five basic skills to learn are briefly described below.


Passing is not merely kicking the ball from one side of the field to other and hopes it finds the right player. Players need to practice how to control the ball and the passes to different players and which side of the foot to use to get a certain shape. For players first starting out they should learn to use the inside of the foot skills because this is the most accurate way of passing.



Receiving the Ball

When the ball has been kicked towards you, it is normally at quite a pace to avoid any interceptions that can take place. This adds the difficulty on how to control the ball when you are receiving it. When the ball is passed along the ground this skill is easier to perform but when it is kicked through the air it becomes a lot more difficult. But in order for a player to control the ball, it is an important skill for a player to master.


This is a fundamental skill that each player must have. They need to learn how to move the ball in different directions and at the same time keep the fastest pace possible. The technique is to learn how to dribble using both sides of the feet and practicing looking up while you are doing this. Once it is mastered then start concentrating on developing speed. To read about the top 5 dribbling skills Click Here!


This is a daunting skill to learn because of the fear of getting hurt. It is instinctive for a person to duck or turn away from the ball but it is important to develop these skills. The player needs to be able to maneuver the ball forward, sideways and up in the air using their foreheads.

Goal Scoring Skills

This is what win games and players need to have this skill if they want to win. They need to practice shooting for goals from any situation and every angle. It is a skill the needs practicing from close, a distance and from the head.

You can have as many skills as the next person but that is not enough because it takes a lot of self-discipline to become a great Football player. Coupled with having the right attitude and a great work ethic when it comes to practicing and all the other aspects that go with being a professional sportsman today.

The other personal attitudes to have is a lot of confidence and belief in your abilities plus the absolute desire to be a great Football player.

Sport is a great way of communicating with other players and making friends and by having these basic skills will ensure that you can enjoy it at any level and still have fun amongst fellow Football players.

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