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It’s safe to say that Frank Lampard has so far had quite a difficult time as Chelsea’s new boss.

The 2019/20 Premier League opener took him and the Blues to Old Trafford and despite a brave performance, the boys from London returned back home with no points and four goals in their net.

And now, a second heartbreak happened in Istanbul where Chelsea were beaten in a clash of the European champions as Liverpool took home the UEFA Super Cup crown.

It would be easy to hide beneath a rock and not face the media nor post anything on the Internet. But Lampard has actually done both.

He complimented his players after the loss in Istanbul and then quickly took to Instagram to send everyone a short and powerful message.

The new coach simply said he was proud of his team and followed it up with a single blue heart emoji.

This is a sign that Lampard clearly believes in himself and his team, as he looks to change turn their early season fortunes around.

Only time will tell how successful he’ll actually be at that.

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Domagoj Kostanjsak