Goooooood ebening people!

How long before that gets the Fireman Sam treatment?

‘Pedro, Emery has lodged a complaint with WordPress’

‘What for?’


‘WHAT? It’s how he says it.’

‘I mean inclusivity’

‘But, but, but’

‘Lots of pressure from groups that pronounce v’s with b’s. Huge twitter outrage about this sort of behaviour.’

‘IT WAS PHONETIC BANTER. Tomaaaato… tomato. Ciabatta… seeabatta.’

‘I see you’ve learnt nothing. Pack your box and take that fucking oatmilk with you’

Some good news on the horizon, it appears the mighty Rob Holding could be back in the starting 11 sooner rather than later. I am very happy to have a bit of competition for those two central roles. Neither our centre backs can boast of a solid start to the season, and from what I remember, Rob Holding was pretty solid last season.

I have no doubt the club will treat his return with due care and attention. I’m not expecting him to start any time soon, but I’m sure he’s going to be very hungry to land some minutes. He feels like another potential leader in the side. He’s vocal, has some of that north-west c*ntiness about his game, and I still have Baresi visions from the cup final a couple of years back.

Additionally, it looks like Hector and Tierney could be in the mixer as well. I am hugely excited to see what a full-strength defence is going to offer us. It’s pretty clear I have major doubts about what Emery is doing to Arsenal, but hey, better players never goes a miss. Having a double injection of pace on either side only going to benefit our style of play, which is anti-middle of the pitch play.

But think about how sexy that overlap is going to be…

On this day, 21 years ago, Freddie Ljungberg was fast-tracked to Arsenal after a ripping display against England. Those where the days when Wenger and Dein took gambles.

What a player he was.

He scored a great goal on his debut, but his finishing was very off for the first year.

He was working on the art of the late run into the box and his decision making in front of goal. The next season, he blew up. He formed an immaculate partnership with Dennis Bergkamp and was basically unplayable at times.

He was sexy too. No one rocked Calvin Klein pants like the man with red hair.

The one regret for me is that he was part of an era when sports science wasn’t particularly precise. He spent far too much time injured, which hampered his numbers and eventually impacted his pace.

Still, he won a bunch of trophies, he entered Arsenal folk law, and now he’s sitting on the bench again helping Emery run internal comms in the team. He looks elite in a suit, and be real, the man has sauce by the bucketload. I’d handover my girlfriend in a heartbeat.

Watford at the weekend is going to be slightly worrying. They’ve rehired Quique Sánchez Flores after firing the Gracia after a shite start to the season. The new manager kick is a thing, Watford firm up playing us, they have Danny Welbeck on patrol, ready with the most incisive hat trick of the season. Can’t say I look forward to this game, especially with a defence that’s been rattled in every game so far that’s involved strong pressure on our short passing out the back.

The Arsenal that appeared in the second half has to be the vibe. We need to have some creativity in the midfield, which to my mind means Ceballos starts. Emery needs to start being a little more positive. We’ve seen that adding defenders to the backline doesn’t help us, and we’ve seen that 3 holding midfielders also offers little protection. All that appears to be left is utilizing our attacking talents and causing problems using possession as a weapon.

We really need a performance to kick start the campaign. Watford are not a great side and again, they should be there for the taking based on what we’ve seen so far. At the very least, we should throw caution to the wind, play at a high tempo, and spend more time in their half than ours.

More tomorrow. x