​Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has claimed that Chelsea did not deserve to beat his side and pip them to the FA Cup trophy.

A first-half penalty from Eden Hazard was enough to secure an eighth final win for the Blues in said competition at Wembley on Saturday. But Mourinho reckons his men deserved to be the ones to lift the trophy as they were the best team in the entire competition.

Chelsea v Manchester United - The Emirates FA Cup Final

“I congratulate them because they won but I don’t think they deserved to win,” he said, via ​manutd.com. “I congratulate [them] because I am a sportsman and they scored one more goal than us and they get the Cup. 

“I think I have to do what my job requires me to do – I am the Manchester United manager and I must be respectful, not just because they [Chelsea] were my previous club but because they are the opponent that won the Cup. 

“But I think we deserved to win, we were the better team but that’s football. It’s disappointing. We were the second best team in the Premier League and we were the second best team in the FA Cup, although I think we were the best [in that competition].”

Despite the disappointment, Mourinho claims he liked the way his team lost as they left everything on the pitch and can look back at the game with little regret.

“I am quite curious today, tomorrow, over the next couple of days to read, to watch, to listen to your opinions,” he added.

“My opinion on my team’s performance is every defeat hurts, but for me personally, the ones that hurt less are the ones when you give everything and you go without any regrets. So I prefer to lose like today than to lose like we did, for example, at Newcastle [in the Premier League in February].”