Linda Pizzuti, the wife of Liverpool owner JW Henry, who has shares in FSG herself, has been teasing fans on social media throughout this summer!

A few weeks back, she chose to interact with a number of supporters anytime they mentioned Nabil Fekir – and although it always seems in relative jest – she’s done so again today.

Pizzuti liked this comment on Instagram, which thanked her for FSG’s transfer work but claimed Fekir would be the icing on the cake:

Should we read anything into it? Probably not.

Are we already happy with the work Liverpool have done in the transfer market? Yes.

Is it possible to still get a little bit excited about an unexpected Fekir deal before the window closes on August 9? Absolutely!

The English journalists are beginning to find the whole thing quite tiring, such as James Pearce, who made this joke today on the subject, too:

But it’s transfer season – what do they expect?! They should be grateful the window closes three weeks earlier than usual!

Jordan Chamberlain