Ohhhhh boy.

Everyone has just realised that we are in a tight spot with basically everything.

Ornstein echoed a bunch of the things that I wrote yesterday and none of it looks great.

Mustafi ain’t going nowhere because he loves his deal, but he now knows the manager thinks he’s shite.

Chambers wants to stay, but knows the manager thinks he’s average.

Koscielny is on strike, and we’re actually upset that a 33-year-old defender is not on the plane to America because he’s one of the best we have at the minute.

The only defender available for the first game of the season is Papa. Meanwhile, Villa have dropped £50m on 3 centre backs this week alone.

We can’t even organise next seasons defender. Stories emerging that Spurs are about to gazump us for Saliba.

Bad times indeed.

I can’t make this any better for you. I have heard from a lot of very good people that the club is in an incredibly bad space. The manager is a farce, we have no leaders at the training ground, and our approach to transfers has been so bad this summer, that we’ll likely end with very little to show at the end of the window.

It will have to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Edu isn’t coming in to make light tweaks, he’s going to have to come in with a wrecking ball. The job is going to be to flatten the whole thing and start again.

New vision. New manager. New squad. New energy.

This season is a write off before it’s even started. United might not have a world-class manager, but Mike Phelan is a great coach who has built winning machines before. Pogba now appears set to stay, they’ve added some good players and they already had a pretty good squad.

Chelsea were 4-1 better than us in April playing terribly. They have a young manager who knows the players, the club and the youth. He might not be incredible, but despite the transfer ban, he seems to be having a far calmer summer than us.

Spurs are adding good players to an already great squad.

I don’t need to go any higher up than that, do I? Could go lower though. West Ham are having a good summer, so are Leicester.

We don’t even really have a coach. People still bemoaning Wenger’s squad of players forget that those same players took us to 22 games unbeaten. The more Emery’s ideas settled, the worse things got. This season, he doesn’t have the new manager good will he had last year, he also doesn’t have political capital with the players, and he’s burned bridges with a fair chunk of a squad he’s likely going to HAVE to use.

That end of season review session looks even more nuts by the day.

So where do we go from here?

I have no idea. Edu; looking ragged already, is going to have to put plans in place very quickly this season. He really, really, really needs to be a good leader. Someone that’s here to succeed, not sit out a cushy highly paid job. A total driving force for Arsenal. Really, we need to hope he holds himself to a high standard because Stan K certainly isn’t going to.

A lot rests on the man from Brazil.

I have faith, because if I didn’t, we’d have absolutely nothing to look forward to.

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