Football is the world’s most famous and popular sport. Not shocking, events pertaining to football tend to attract the attention of all people irrespective of whether they like the sport or not. But, there are certain facts about the sport that may be somewhat daunting to even ponder over. For example, the sport has led to clashes between supporters culminating into the deaths of dozens of people. Even though this does not happen on a frequent basis, it is deeply saddening when it does happen.

Further, the sport has also led to the upsurge in gambling activities and a subsequent rise in the number of gambling houses across the entire globe. These are sometimes used for activities other than betting including terrorist activities and child trafficking. Generally, these are but a few examples of the ways in which football can be considered dangerous and undesirable.

Not so fast! There is a long list of reasons that make football a positive sport worth watching. Here is a look at some of the most notable examples of positive facts about football that make it an important sport worth keeping alive.


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Football and unity:; over the years, the sport has also been considered as a notable unifying factor in most countries. It has been considered as an important aspect of unifying a country. This explains why almost every country now has an active footballing nation. Even countries like Israel are now actively involved in footballing activities. A good number of countries around the world are united by football. This also applies to the communities that are united by the football clubs. Therefore, football does play a uniting role at both the international and club level. It also unites the entire world during major world football events. Over the years, football has also played significant roles in as far as reducing racism and inequality. Based on the unity and oneness that football preaches, it has been able to play this role quite remarkably. Today, clubs and countries receive fines for racist comments or actions. This also applies to individuals including players, coaches, and technical bench members.

Football and employment:; Football is one of the most significant employers in the modern world. Different job opportunities are made available for different people. Thanks to football, a good number of people are able to earn a living. This includes stadium cleaners, laundry workers, and the media workers. There are also team doctors and psychologists who are employed to provide technical health related advice to players.

Football as entertainment; football is also important for entertainment purposes. It helps to keep the masses entertained through its various tournaments such as the world cup, Africa cup, Copa America and UEFA Euro cup. Further, the various club leagues of today help to extend the entertainment prowess of football.

Football as a humanitarian aid tool; football is also used as a tool for providing humanitarian aid to the afflicted. A good number of footballing events which are solely organized for charity purposes. The proceeds realized from such footballing events are given as aid to the impoverished.

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