There is so much negativity in the media surrounding Cardiff City at the moment. 

Labelled as odds-on favourite for relegation, complaints about a lack of ‘big money’ transfers,  and doubts over Neil Warnock’s capabilities in Englands top flight have dominated pre-season discourse. 

However, here’s a more positive take on the Bluebirds second attempt at the Premier League and some reasons why they could (and will) defy all doubters to beat the dreaded drop come May 2019…

5. Many Other Relegation Candidates

Watford, Southampton, Huddersfield, Brighton, Newcastle, potentially Bournemouth, and Crystal Palace are all likely to be languishing around the danger zone next spring. 

With so many teams battling for their lives at the bottom half, this season could even spring a surprise or two, or even three. Cardiff will know that six-pointers against teams outside of the top six are there for the taking and winning points in this mini-league are crucial to the Bluebirds survival. 

4. Vincent Tan

The tempestuous figure of Vincent Tan has been both hero and villain for Cardiff throughout his tenure. However, finally things appear to be running smoothly at the Cardiff City Stadium and he appears to have the fans on his side. 

Cardiff seems to be a club in harmony at the moment and this only bodes well for the difficult season they face. 

Providing Vincent stops himself getting from too excited and dictating to the club and fans again, his steadying the ship will be crucial as other rivals battle boardroom turmoil.

3. Neil Warnock

Much has been discussed about Warnock’s talents getting teams up into the Premier League but when it comes to managing in the big league himself, Warnock has failed to make the grade on several occasions. 

However, this time is different, much different. Warnock goes into this season knowing he has absolutely nothing to lose; he’s said it numerous times. He wants to enjoy it this time and a manager and a team playing under so little pressure can only be a good thing.

2. Playing for Each Other

Many have been disappointed with Cardiff’s transfer business in this current window with a distinct lack of ‘big names’ and players with little Premier League experience. 

However, Warnock has built a unit who play for each other. 

Greg Cunningham, Alex Smithies, Bobby Reid and Josh Murphy have a total of just 132 minutes on the pitch between them all, between them but don’t let that bother you.

Warnock chooses his players based on their talents and personalities. This team will work for each other, cover each other’s backs and work for their manager. You only have to look at the Wales team of 2016 Euros to see how a team can work together, even if elite level footballing talents may be lacking. 

1. The Fans

When the fans turn up, the Cardiff City Stadium becomes a cauldron. 

The noise coming from the fervent fans is powerful and a daunting prospect for any visiting team. With the supporters as the 12th man, Cardiff will look to make their home a Welsh fortress in order to ensure their survival.