Lionel Messi has had a number of masterclass performances throughout his career.

In fact, it is probably easier to name the games in which he didn’t really perform up to his usual brilliant standards than the ones he did.

For that reason, Barcelona fans are very much used to him tearing their opposition to shreds practically every time he steps onto the pitch.

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But for one reason or the other, Messi is not as famous for his stints with Argentina as he is for the Blaugrana.

Still, even with moderate success with his national team, the little footballing magician still managed to drop quite a few memorable performances throughout his rich career.

One such game happened a couple of years ago when Argentina needed a victory in their qualification round in order to even make it to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Needless to say, Messi stepped up, took the stage by storm and decided the game by himself, taking his team to Russia and sending fans into a frenzy as he scored three times.

Now, they have taken to Twitter to once again revisit that moment.

You can see some of their replies down in the tweets below:

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