Catching a Singapore Premier League match in a stadium can at times make you feel like you are at a library. The atmoshphere is silent for the most part with only intermittent noises from fans to wake you up from your slumber.

However that is never the case when you catch a football match at Hougang Stadium thanks to the Hougang Hools. Loud, vulgar and boisterous, they are everything that is needed to spice up a sterile league that at times makes baffling laws regarding fan behaviour.

Their chants and equipment liven up the atmosphere. It keeps you awake and interested. Like British football’s hooligans or Italy’s Ultras although not quite up to the mark just yet, the HOOLS’ presence never fail to bring added security to the Hougang Stadium.

But it must be said that these guys are the true heroes of the sport for their unwavering support to the local game. And for that Goal Singapore salutes the Hougang Hools.  Take a look at the video clip below to catch a glimpse of Singapore’s most fanatical supporters in the country’s top-tier football league.