Most people love Football not just because of the spectacular goals players score or the saves keepers make but because of the effective dribble and breathe taking skills. This article is a guide for the top 5 best and most effective Football dribbling moves.

You can judge the quality and how skilled a football player is by his or her dribbling. The key reason for dribbling is getting past defenders. So, for this reason for a player to become an effective or skilled dribbler, he or she will need to know how to get past defenders by applying his or her creative dribbling skills.

Below is a list of the Top 5 Best and Most Effective Football Dribbling Moves:

Players should keep in mind that these dribbling moves, once applied, should be accompanied by a fast acceleration of speed. If not the defenders will be able to catch up with you much easier.

  • Nutmeg (Panna)


This is one of the riskiest dribbling moves, but also the most effective of them all. On top of that it is a showcase of your talent and a means of leaving your opponent humiliated. When the defender comes to confront you in order to apply pressure on you, he or she might leave his or her legs wide open. In this situation you can decide to pace the ball between the defenders legs then accelerate towards the ball. This skills every players favorite with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo using it often.

  • Pirouette (Maradona)

This Football dribbling move used by the famous Zinedine Zidane and Maradona. They basically owned this move. When the opponent tries to lunge at the ball, you should pull reach for the ball then pull it back using the bottom of your boot. Then turn your body to a 90 degrees angle then pull the ball back for the second time with the other foot.

  • Roll Over

This is one of the easiest Football dribbling move, but still effective. You dribble the ball toward the defender, he or she will try to lunge at the ball but you counter this move by quickly rolling the ball over with the bottom of your foot to either sides of your body leaving him or her lunging at nothing.

  • In and Out

This is another easy but effective football dribbling move, however it requires speed for it to be more effective. To do this move you need to make a faint touch toward you inner body using your inner side if the boot. The opponent will try to make a lunge at the ball, you should make a quick topic of the ball from your body using the outer side of you boot them accelerate to the free space.

  • Step Over (Scissor)

This is one of the mostly users Football dribbling moves as it is simple and most of all very effective when applied in the right way. As you dribble towards an opponent, you can step over the ball – move both your right and left foot around the ball in a circular motion. Then move the ball to a free direction and dribble leaving the opponent behind.

This just some of the many Football dribbling moves. You can also create or come up with your own moves. Football is a sport that requires creativity.

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