Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has been founded in 1882, and one of the widely-known English football club that has won championship cups and leagues. They are based in Tottenham, London and have received prestigious awards due to their victories in national and international football games.

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Tottenham Hotspur Founding and Early Days

The Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has been founded on exactly Tuesday, September 5, 1882, by the grammar-school boys of All Hallows Church’s Bible Class who were also Hotspur Cricket Club members. The club was named Hotspur Football Club at first but was later renamed to Tottenham Hotspur Football club, to avoid being mistaken with an already existing club, Hotspur FC. The name Hotspur may have been derived from Sir Henry Percy, who portrayed Harry Hotspur of the first part of Henry IV, a history play by Shakespeare.

Football had a rough start in the early 1900s due to the war but the club started to gain more titles after the war ended.

Tottenham Hotspur Post-War Football

After the war, Tottenham bagged their first ever championship title in 1951 which was led by Alf Ramsey and the rest of the team. The years after that saw a steady decline in the performance of the club, due to age and other factors. It was not until the appearance of Bill Nicholson that they were able to conquer more championships in 1958 to 1964 especially with their most astounding win over Atletico Madrid in Cup Winner’s Cup that made them the first ever British Team to have a European trophy. This also came to an end due to their loss of their two most valuable players, Danny Blanchflower and John White. Nicholson assembled a new team that won two more league cups and UEFA cups before he resigned, 8 major trophies in total during Nicholson’s management.


Tottenham Hotspur Success During 1980

Tottenham causes quite a stir during the 1970s as there were few errors in their part in deciding their next generation of players. However, in 1980, things changed and they started winning again over some other clubs with Ricardo Villa leading the team. It was in 1984 that they were able to bag another EUFA cup but was later banned from competitions due to an accident caused by another team that made English clubs expelled from European competitions. Tottenham sunk lower in ranking until the ban on English clubs was lifted in 1990.

The Millenium for Tottenham Hotspur

After many years of controversy in Tottenham’s management in the 1990s, they were able to participate in the FA Cup in 2000 and defeated Arsenal under the management of Glenn Hoddle. They went back to the top 4 in the 2005-06 season but was later defeated but was still a feat after their 16 years of absence in this scene. They finished in the same spot the next year. It was on May 5, 2010, that they managed to get into the qualifying rounds for the champions league for the first time.

Present Tottenham Hotspur


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The team is now being managed by Mauricio Pochettino and has performed well in the premier league and League Cup final. The current members are led by Eric Dier, Harry Kane, and Dele Alli.

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