​In keeping with Liverpool’s tradition of making everything very difficult for themselves this season, Alisson got himself sent off with 15 minutes to play in the Reds’ 2-1 win over Brighton on Saturday. 

His indiscretion? A brainless, clumsy and unnecessary flap at the ball when he was about four yards outside of his box. 

Sometimes handball calls can be close – not this time though. It was as blatant an offence as you are ever likely to see in a football match at the highest level. 

​Liverpool fans struggled to contain their rage on social media…


​​To make matters worse for the home side, minutes after Alisson’s dismissal, Lewis Dunk grabbed a goal back for the Seagulls to set up an incredibly nervy second half. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the red card also rules the Brazilian out for the Merseyside derby, with Liverpool hosting Everton on Wednesday in what is bound to be quite the occasion.

There was some people who thought that Alisson might receive a three game suspension… those people of idiots. He’ll only be ruled out for one. Learn those rules people so we can avoid embarrassing moments like this in the future.


​​Why would Alisson make such a grievous and unnecessary error? Did he want to ensure he got a clean sheet, even if his team didn’t? 

Did he get bored at not having anything to do? 

Or, does he just hate playing football? 

All of these were floated as potential reasons for the Brazilian’s bizarre decision on social media. Which one is the most feasible? 90min will leave that for you to decide. 



​​In the end, Alisson’s dismissal counted for very little as his team was able to hang on to secure a 2-1 victory. 

The win moved them 11 points of second placed ​Manchester City, who drew with ​Newcastle on Saturday lunchtime, though Leicester could peg their lead back to eight if they can beat Everton on Sunday.

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