Tottenham staged a scintillating come back against Olympiacos in the ​Champions League on Tuesday night, as Jose Mourinho made a set of changes that seemingly turned the game on it’s head.

Spurs fans were already in a good mood before the game started as… wait… no… only one change made?! What is this witchcraft?! Mauricio Pochettino was making five or six changes every game!


​​However, the good mood didn’t last long as Olympiacos grabbed the first goal of the night. Wait, no, sorry, the first and second goals of the night. What’s going on here then? 

It’s fair to say though that opposition fans were very much enjoying themselves.

Jose Mourinho wasn’t happy. Just 30 minutes into the game, he made his first substitution. Eric Dier off, ​Christian Eriksen on. 

Genius move.

Spurs were looking poor, but they got a huge slice of luck which resulted in ​Dele Alli scoring just before half time. 

Momentum shift? Maybe.

​Spurs equalised early on in the second half, thanks to… the ball boy? Well, ​Harry Kane scored, but the ball boy was the real hero.

The Lilywhites were now on fire, and were ripping open Olympiacos at will. Serge Aurier scored a third before Kane bagged his second of the game as the game finished 4-2. Kane’s second goal however, was a Champions League record.

Well, well, well. Jose Mourinho really is the special one. He has seemingly transformed Spurs. Things are looking bright. The Champions League is surely (probably not) coming to North London.

They now take on Bournemouth on Saturday, and Mourinho has the perfect opportunity to continue his good start as Spurs manager. 

Wait, what’s that noise? Is that Arsenal fans I can hear weeping on the other side of north London?