Being the world’s most popular sport, football definitely attracts more participants than any other sport on this planet. Each of the dedicated players and fanatics of football wants to get the best out of footballing activities. You may be interested in taking your football to a whole new level, but you may be facing a number of difficulties ranging from failing to hit high speeds when running to failing to kick the ball with a lot of power. A number of reasons can actually account for these and several other problems that footballers experience.


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Did you know that almost all the reasons that account for performance inconsistencies in football players can be attributed to the nature and type of football boots that you are wearing? For this reason, it is always a perfect idea to purchase some of the best football boots that are available on the market. The following are some of the most notable factors worth bearing in mind when choosing football boots. Provided you take into account most or all of the factors indicated below, you will undoubtedly be in a position to purchase the best boots to suit your personal preferences. In the end, your performance will also improve to a significant extent.

Playing surface; the nature and type of the playing surface has a huge bearing on the choice of football boots. It is important to bear in mind the fact that most football boots are designed to function perfectly on wet grounds as well dry surfaces. This is important especially for professional footballers who are required to play football under various weather conditions. Try your best to search for football boots that are good enough to work perfectly under all possible ground and weather conditions.

The nature and type of studs or blades; the blades or studs are the rough features beneath the boot which are modified for being in direct contact with the playing surface. You can easily fall or lose your balance depending on the nature and type of the studs beneath your football boot. Over the years, the metallic stud (also called conical studs) football boots have become quite popular. They are renowned for being able to function properly on any playing surface irrespective of whether it is very wet, moderately wet, very dry or even moderately dry. Only if you are playing on a soft football (futsal turf) surface will you be required to use the polymer studded shoes. The following guidelines apply when it comes to studs and blades.

For firm ground; especially the grass pitches that are exceedingly dry and firm, the studs and blades are perfect. Even the firm-to-wet pitches are also capable of accommodating these boots quite perfectly. They are not to be used on surfaces that are very soft. Their traction capabilities are greatly affected by the softness or hardness of the surface.

Artificial turfs; any futsal challenge boot can work perfectly on artificial turfs. They tend to exhibit very high traction on either wet or dry surface.

Very firm natural grass and certain artificial turfs; the conical studded boots are perfect for such surfaces.

Very soft natural grass surface; for pitches of this nature, the screw six studded boots often work perfectly. Due to their amazing traction capabilities, they work perfectly on both wet and dry pitches whose grounds are very soft.

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