UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin Insists European Super League ‘Will Not Happen’

UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin has insisted that a European Super League will not be taking place.

German investigative newspaper Der Spiegel claimed that a group of seven sides went behind the back of UEFA to discuss forming a European Super League. The formation of this Super League would then lead to all of the clubs involved leaving their respective domestic leagues and football associations to take part in the new competition.

However, Ceferin has claimed that the formation of the Super League is completely out of the question.

Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid - UEFA Super Cup

“The Super League will not happen,” Ceferin said, as per ​The Telegraph. “It is in a way a fiction now or a dream.

“We have some ideas. All I can say is that any Super League is out of the question. Participation stays. And everybody will have an opportunity to compete in every European competition.

“We think that the European football can go further only if we stay together, unified. If you want to develop football you have to stay together.”


​Juventus’ president, Andrea Agnelli, was also on hand to support Ceferin’s assertions, saying: “I can confirm we have never seen, never discussed, never been involved in the creation of this document. We are fully engaged with Uefa in shaping the game going forward.”

A third European competition which will run alongside the Champions League and the Europa League is also set to be confirmed next month – something Agnelli was keen to discuss.

“It will be our duty to safeguard the great heritages of European football, but on the other side I think we are very well aware that we have to safeguard markets, we have to think about upcoming markets.

Torino FC v Juventus - Serie A

“Fans can rest assured that if we put our hands to making a new product it’s because we want to make sure that fans across Europe engage.”


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