Of course, Football or Soccer as some may like to call it is the world’s most beloved sport. There is barely anyone who would argue against such a statement. It is not something overstating. But, there is a lot about football that is unknown or perhaps strange. Although it may not be strange to the people who take part in the sport, it is rather strange to lay people who just watch football events from the sidelines. In the light of this, digging deeper might be the only way to establish the truth behind certain characteristics of football and why it is the way it is. Most notably, learning about the history of the sport is the best way to know what the world’s most favorite sport is all about.

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Soccer had been around for many years prior to the time it became formalized. Therefore, it was possible to come across individuals who played soccer using rules that are different from what we know today or even those which were recognized by the earliest football governing body.

Generally, soccer was not recognized as a sport until 1863 when the first Football governing body was established in England. This was the world’s first official governing body of football. Therefore, it is safe to say that soccer as we know it was formally introduced in England over a century ago.

As early as the 3rd century BC, it is understood that soccer was played in China. According to history, the game was played in a manner which is similar to the way it is played today. Even though some variations in the rules do exist, they are not that significant and the concept of the game was the same. Unlike the football of today, players in China used a small net fixed on bamboo canes. Also, the player was not allowed to aim at the net without being impeded by opponents. The use of hands was also not permitted.

This is not the only earliest form of soccer that is known today. Rather, there are several others. Another example of a form of football was reported in Japan, only referred to as Japanese Kemari. This form of football began around 600 years following the establishment of the Chinese form of soccer. The Japanese Kemari has survived up to this day and remains one of the few ancient sporting activities of Japan. Players simply make a circle and begin to pass the ball around while trying their best to prevent it from touching the ground.

The Greeks are also known to have their own version of soccer, which they referred to as Episkyros. This form coincided with Roman Form only referred to as Harpastum. But, very few details of each of the sporting activities remain up to this day.

The evolution of the sport

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The sport has evolved quite significantly since its inception in the mid-1800s. Following its inception as a formal sport, soccer has evolved quite significantly. The first rules that were introduced which prevented fighting on the pitch, even though this and several other violent acts were initially allowed. Soon after its inception, soccer became popular in universities and colleges and eventually got embraced by clubs following the formation of Football Association (FA). The world governing body FIFA was established in 1904 and would proceed to organize the first world cup in 1932 in Uruguay.

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